Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just watched GMA-7's SOP today at lunch time..I always watch the show 'coz it's really a great show! with all the live performances, the ambiance of the set, plus the celebrities bringing the whole show to life!----more like sparkling..really entertaining. That's what i call a wholesome show!
(this is my own..XD)

I missed the Jan.10th show so I missed the debut of SH3..

SH3 is composed of Chynna Ortaleza, LJ Reyes and Ryza Cenon. All 3 are part of GMA 7's variety show SOP Fully Charged.
A group with a deep passion for dance has now ventured into singing.

here's a video of Sh3 on their debut stage:

For me..these girls are really good!! Beautiful ladies, good dance moves, add the charisma!---- the singing parts need improvement though..(I'm not a professional or I told you before..this is my opinion..) I like the three girls..all of them excel in acting and dancing.. ^^

And look at these pics-----(credits: photo by Ash Castro)

Sir Ash Castro is really good in photography!!-----as an aspiring photographer..I love his works!
Look at those shots!---superb right?

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