Sunday, February 21, 2010

Congratulations Sarah Lahbati and Steven Silva!

for winning the Starstruck V!

I expected Sarah's triumph before Ian Batherson's elimination. It's not that the other 2 girls (Nina Kodaka and Diva Montelaba) aren't good..Nina's adorable and Diva is stunningly beautiful---a real Filipina beauty..there's just something in Sarah that made her stand out---elegance of a true lady-- tall, pretty, talented..these are the reasons why I like her.. And I think the council and the Filipinos saw it too.. 

Well, between the boys, my bet was Steven or Enzo..I get attracted to boys with beautiful voices--and Steven has it--plus the chinky eyes and child-like smile. Enzo--he's adorable! ahahahaha.!
About Rocco--he's really good--no doubt about that...

Anyway, congratulations again!!

OOOOHH--Backstreet Boys will have a concert on February 27, 2010 at Araneta Coliseum!!--unfortunately, i'll not be able to go..
Good luck to them---I hope it'll be successful! ♥

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2ne1 Confirms MV For Try To Copy Me

After setting the kpop scene on fire with their debut song and I Don’t Care, 2NE1’s been on the DL and off the kpop radar for a few months now. Well, until they released Try to Copy Me on February 8. Although this song was released for an endorsement with Corby, 2NE1’s song has already scaled its way up the music charts to battle it out with Oh!, SNSD’s comeback song.
As with many other endorsements, such as Dara’s Cass endorsement, a music video reportedly will be filmed for Try to Copy Me.
“We decided to film a music video for 2NE1’s Try to Copy Me. Although we initially had no plans for a music video, we eventually decided to due to the hot response,” a representative said. “Seo Hyun Seung … will direct the music video … which will have a chic & trendy concept.” Seo Hyun Seung has directed other YG productions in the past as well including 2NE1’s I Don’t Care, so this will definitely be a great MV to anticipate.

Although many initially believed that this song would be nothing more than a musical accompaniment to a commercial, there are now rumors that 2NE1’s full comeback is just around the corner.

DOWNLOAD "Try To Copy Me" mp3---HERE

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nishikido Ryo Becomes A Pastry Chef In "Chonmage Purin"

Director Yoshihiro Nakamura ("Golden Slumber," "Team Batista no Eikou" is working on his next film, based on a novel by newspaper reporter-turned-author Gen Araki. Titled "Chonmage Purin," the movie will star NEWS member Ryo Nishikido (25) in his first big screen role.

"Chonmage Purin" is a strange tale about a young samurai from the Edo period named Kijima Yasube (Nishikido) who slips through time, winding up in the present day. He meets a single mother (Rie Tomosaka) and her 6-year-old son, and through this encounter, he becomes a popular pastry chef.
For the pastry chef role, Nishikido has been undergoing special training at a well-known school since December. He is also practicing for the samurai scenes. He will appear with various hairstyles in the film, which will naturally including the chonmage (topknot).
Filming starts on February 6, and theatrical release is planned for early summer. The supporting cast includes comedian Hiroki Konno, Shiori Kutsuna, Hitomi Sato, Keisuke Horibe, Yuji Nakamura, and Jun Inoue.

~this movie sounds great ne?--a samurai who travels to the future and becomes a chef!!---COOL!!~

KAT-TUN's New Single Promotion Started!

Recently, KAT-TUN members are being active in dramas and movies individually. However, their new single "Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~" is going to release on February 10th. Members believe "This work will send our own messages" and it is also the theme song of the drama starring Kamenashi Kazuya "ヤマトナデシコ七変化 / Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge (The Wallflower)"

As Kamenashi reported in his blog, "This is Kamenashi Kazuya! The promotion activity of our new song is officially started! That's for today." Finally KAT-TUN seems to begin their movement. Though there are still a few days to go before the release date, what kind of activity they will have is more than attractive.

Meanwhile, Kamenashi is busy with filming the drama "The Wallflower".

Kamenashi: "We stayed up till 4am in the filming location a few days ago. We Yamanade (initial of Yamatonadeshiko) team had a hot pot on a stove? or a heater? anyway a warming equipment with solid fuel, watching the stars, falling into the hole, talking and sharing the secrets.... Kyohei (the character played by Kamenashi) felt so happy!"

Waahh----I forgot to watch Kame's drama!!---Well, while my Onii's out..I think i'll watch it..XDD

Big Bang Wins Prestigious Awards In Japan

On the 29th – 31st of January, Korean idol group ‘Big Bang’ held their much-awaited concerts in Olympics Park stadium in Korea. Since May last year, Big Bang officially entered the Japanese industry, and have been active there since. At the end of last year, they even won a number of prestigious awards including the Japanese Grand Prix du Disque and ‘Best Newcomer’. Therefore, this concert can be said as a well-deserved triumphant concert!

Without the fire service restrictions from Japan, Big Bang’s concert in Korea was extravagant; the fireworks at the beginning of the concert were 10 times as big as the ones in Japan. And during the whole concert, laser lights shone down at the audience, creating a very hot atmosphere. Big Bang sung 25 songs, including 3 Japanese songs. The organisers also played Japanese words on the big screen, but because Korea does not allow Japanese words to be played on television, only those at the concert were lucky enough to see it. And offstage, almost 30 people fainted from over-excitement and had to be rushed into the emergency room, evidently displaying the degree of fanaticism.

SOL expressed that he hopes music can become the bridge between Korea and Japan. G-Dragon also expressed his excitement of their triumph in Japan, and he wanted to “share the joy of winning awards in foreign countries with fans in our motherland.”

A total of 35,000 people attended their 3-day concerts. Now, Big Bang are preparing to hold 6 concerts in Budokan, Japan in early February, with production costs estimated to exceed $300million yen.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Can't I Love You?

I know I'm too late to react on this..but I just finished watching "Queen Seon Duk" korean drama. Actually, I've seen this at last year, but when I saw the number of episodes (62 eps) I thought it could be boring to be that long. I resent what I did. I'm not exaggerating, but this drama is ...I dunno how to describe it, but I love it from beginning to end. Although the ending part was tragic, who could change it right?--it's part of Korean history, it would end the way it ended in reality; triumph and death.

My favorite characters were Deokman (Queen Seon Duk herself), Alcheon, Lady Mishil, Yushin and last but not the least, Bidam.
I like Deokman for her courage and wits. An extraordinary woman and a great ruler---no doubt about that.
Alcheon for his loyalty and fighting for what is right.
Yushin for supporting Deokman all the way.
Lady Mishil for her devotion and wits. Even though she's the antagonist, like Deokman, she's just fighting for what's important to her; her loyal people and Silla. But there was one thing I didn't like about her..abandoning Bidam, and killing without resent.
Bidam for being devoted to the one he loves, for being a great fighter, for being him in front of Deokman. Honestly, I pitied him..why? All his life, no one cared for him, nobody needed him. His mother abandoned him, Lord Munno never treated him as his own son, he never taught Bidam what's right and wrong, he never acknowledged Bidam's efforts. He didn't feel secured nor loved, until Deokman came into his life.
But it seemed everything was against them. It would've been a happy ending for the two of them.

In the end, the unification of the three kingdoms (Silla, Baekje, Goguryeo) was fulfilled during Kim ChunChu's reign (it's not shown in the drama).

I cried even before Bidam died. It's really sad. It made me want to jump in the screen and hug Bidam. It made me want to kill all the people hindering him and Deokman. Korean dramas never fail to make me cry. Waaahhhh my chest hurts until now, I need to distract myself from this drama or my heart will suffer. It's too early to have any heart ailment (lol + sob= crazy).

I suggest you guys watch it if you haven't yet. It's worth watching. ^^ Plus.. you'll have a brief knowledge about this part of Korean history.

They even made the actor Kim Nam Gil (Bidam) and Lee Yo Won (Deokman) sing for the drama's OST. I bet it was sold out!

Mr. Kim sang "Can't I Love You?" (from Bidam to Deokman):

and Ms. Lee sang "Bidam" (from Deokman to Bidam).

This is Bidam's song's translation:

Even it is so painful, I can’t feel it
Even I’m waiting for you and you wouldn’t come
Even I think of you with shaking so badly, I can’t feel it
Since the day I put your heart in my mind
I can’t put my heart else where
Even if it hurts and breaks my heart apart, I won’t close my heart
I am who was living in a lonely world
You’re the only one who can make me smile
Can’t I love you? Can you come to me?
Just for once, can you hug me in you arms?
You’re the only one I love
Can’t you accept my heart?
The reason why I’m still breathing in this terrible loneliness
It’s all because of you
Can’t I love you? Can you come to me?
Once again, can you hug me in your arms?
You’re the only one I love
For the first time and last time
Even you’re alive, you can’t be held in my arms
Even you throw my heart away from your mind
Can’t I love you? Even if I’m just behind your back
Distantly, I just can look at you from afar
Even if I just can protect your shadow
Even like this, it’s alright.. even only I love you, it’s okay