Monday, December 14, 2009

Nodame Cantabile: the movie ♥

Yes!--You've read it right!
The adventure of Megumi Nodame and Shinichi Chiaki continues--if I'm not mistaken..the setting is in France.
Nodame's there 'coz she was given a scholarship to study music further ..And Chiaki--to pursue his dream as the orchestra's Conductor.
Mukyaaaaaaaaaa!!--the 1st drama and the SP made us love music 10x, what more if we watch the movie..
I'm sure it's as good as the first- two series.!!
Unfortunately, we still have to wait until December 19..and for those non-japanese..maybe a month or two to be able to watch it online..(Mysoju, Dramacrazy, youtube, etc.)

Gyabooooooo!!who wouldn't want to see how Chiaki and Nodame's love story ends. The drama and SP showed that Chiaki feels something special for Nodame at the end..(just at the end).
So---a must see movie!!

Here's the movie trailer 1:

I love it when Chiaki shows his love for Nodame-----Nodame gets thrown away..LOL

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