Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big Bang Copycats in China?

Last week we reported about SNSD copycats in China as well as the Thai 2NE1. Though many were not sure whether they was just coincidences, this new clone seems to have a unanimous vote.
This video isn't exactly new and many of you might have already seen it earlier this summer. It's a music video of a Chinese singer who is performing a song very similar to Big Bang's Last Farewell. In fact, the beats are so identical, he even calls himself OK-BANG. Not to mention, the music video is practically a duplicate (besides the fact that it's poorly made) so it's almost impossible to pass this off as a cover or a remake.
Netizens have been saying, "It's ridiculous", "Just how far are they going to go?" and "How could they rip off this much?"

For once, it's taken netizens longer than usual to discover this, but now that they have, OK-BANG is receiving much negative feedback, but do you agree? Should an artist be able to do what he wants or are there some things in this world that are too sacred to mess with? One thing's for sure, this guy definitely doesn't have the swagger to pull off the Big Bang look. Seriously, who wears leather jackets with spikes and sailor hats anymore?

Big Bang


Okay--with what you have seen---it's kinda funny right?--these guys were too obvious
the theme of the vid, the beat of the song---it's all the same.
Who wouldn't look at them as copycats?

source: allkpop

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