Monday, December 21, 2009

SNSD’s trainers clear up their diet

The nine lovely ladies of SNSD are flyin' high these days due to the huge success of their very first solo concert and Asia tour!
Each of the members was able to shine through their individual performances as well as through their group performances, rocking their hot bods for all fans to ogle at. Earlier, we reported how they managed to maintain their sexy figures and I'm sure several of you guys were left speechless at the shocking number of 800 calories a day. However, it seems as though their personal trainers have recently come out to state that the show had exaggerated their calorie intake. They stated, "SNSD's calorie intake is 1200 calories, not 800. These shows tend to exaggerate things."
Their calorie intake has finally been clarified and they all take in the six main nutrients according to their personal metabolism rates. As the girls are prepping themselves for upcoming shows in addition to their regular exercise routines, the girls' reduced calorie intake will not be as drastic.

Sexy member Yuri is often praised for having a very healthy physique and she takes in those 1200 necessary calories a day, divided into four to five meals a day due to her incredibly high metabolism rate. For these meals, Yuri enjoys bananas, bell tomatoes, cabbage, chicken breast, milk, and sweet potatoes. The rest of the members also share similar meal plans as Yuri and undergo the same calorie treatment.
While the members are taking in more calories than initially expected, it's still an extremely alarming number. Hopefully their trainers will be a little more lenient in terms of their calorie intake or else the girls just might burn out, and we definitely don't want to see that happen!

Source: allkpop

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