Saturday, December 19, 2009

SNSD Eats 800 Calories a Day!?

On Decemeber 17th on MBC's VJ Special, Behind Story, SNSD unveiled their daily meal plans and left fans in shock.
It was revealed that the girls only eat a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. In the morning they eat 200 calories, for lunch they eat 300 calories and for dinner they eat the same 300 calories putting the total at 800 calories a day.
A woman's average diet consists of 2000 calories daily so it's amazing to see that these girls can survive with such little food even with their rigorous dance training and long practice schedules.
The meal plan's main three items were sweet pumpkins, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. When they get hungry in between meals they eat cucumbers. I find this fact ridiculous because when I get hungry between meals, I pick up a bag of chips and eat about their daily worth in calories.

Fans commented:
"It is sad to see such beauties not being able to eat as much as they want."

"They probably want to eat whatever they want, so it must be hard"

"Since they have to balance out their nutrients as they do at such a young age, life will be hard later if they don't change their eating habits."

With their killer bodies, it seems like the girls' diets are paying off - but they should still eat more, 800 calories a day is unhealthy for any young adult!
Omo---that's why some of them looks very fragile because of their thin bodies.
I am on a diet as well--i think for about 1500 calories..
I suggest theiy eat more than 800----even if they get chubby a little---they'll still look sexy...

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